I was born and raised in Gdynia, Poland.  I left Poland in 1987 for Norway where I spent three years in Bergen. I immigrated to Ottawa (Canada) in 1990, where I have been living with my husband and two children.


Ever since I discovered the magic of photography, at the age of eight, I have been fascinated by the medium and its power. Photography allows me to communicate messages, which I find important to share with others. My photography has a human focus aiming at documenting challenges of the present, reflecting on the past and bringing hope for the future.


In principle, I would describe my work as the continuation of the French school of photography - André Kertesz, Cartier-Bresson and others, where the image has a strong emotional impact.


I use both traditional and digital photo techniques. My camera equipment includes a Nikon, a Hexar, a Hasselblad and a Sony NEX.


I have been pursuing photography for the last 30 years and have exhibited my work in Canada and abroad in both individual and group shows. My photographs are held in private and public collections in Canada, Poland, Mexico,USA, England, Serbia & Montenegro, Greece, Honduras, Spain, Slovenia and Brazil. My photographs have been published in professional magazines including Photo Select, Photo Life and Photo France.


In 2007, I  awarded the Grand Prix at the International Photography Biennale in Mexico.





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